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Welcome to Caveman Diet Food List, a comprehensive list of caveman diet and paleo diet foods.

Caveman Diet Endorsed Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts, cooked, 11g carbs per cup.

A typical daily caveman diet might be filled with lean meats and fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, nuts and oils. The Caveman diet does not include grains, starchy tubers like potatoes, yams, and squash, sugars, salt, dairy, processed foods, and fatty meats like sausage and bacon. If you can, buy locally grown foods that are in season, or forage for your own. Try and incorporate wild or farmed game into your diet. Some serious caveman dieters eat their meats raw and avoid additional foods such as tomatoes and eggplants–members of the poisonous nightshade family and not cultivated by our paleolithic ancestors. If you want to know more about the caveman diet, check out The Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain or The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. Athletes might consider The Paleo Diet for Athletes also by Cordain, and Joe Friel.

If you are in shape and have no weight issues, there’s little to worry about when eating paleo. You can eat any of the caveman diet foods listed here. Many caveman diet athletes consume fatty meats—they have no problem utilizing the energy. But if you’re looking for a kick start to a new weight loss program, than there are a few great things to be gleaned from our list of caveman diet foods.

When you’re trying to lose weight using the Caveman diet, you will want to restrict your carb intake to 50g for men and 40g for women. This means you will not be eating much, or any, fruit from our caveman diet food list. But you can find a great assortment of veggies to chose from to accompany every meal of lean protein–the best lean protein is turkey breast, so pick some of that up first. Don’t buy pre-ground meat, as you never know what fillers or fat might be added. Meat can be ground pretty well in a food processor, you don’t need a dedicated meat grinder. A full explanation of how to use the Caveman diet to lose weight can be read for free on Cavemandiet.com.

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